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Free Masterclass on Cycle Syncing + The Dangers of Hormonal Birth Control

📜The Infradian Rhythm - Women's Ancient Power:

  • What it is

  • Why it's been hidden from you

  • How society has forced you to live according to male hormone cycles and why this is having a detrimental impact to women all across the globe

  • How to use it to your benefit and get ahead in life; while making relationships, career and body a more positive and aligned experience for you

  • Healing PCOS, Endometriosis, Painful Cramps and PMS naturally

❤️‍🩹Reclaiming Your Freedom from Hormonal Birth Control (HBC): 

  • How it impacts your body, mind and relationships

  • Coming off it and the spiral that may come afterwards

  • Living life and making love without it

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Cycle Cheat Sheet

This handy guide breaks your cycle into four phases, explaining what's happening with your hormones and how it affects your energy, mood, and more.

Learn how to adjust your life, work, fitness routine, and diet to sync up with each phase, so you can feel your best all month long.

Give Your Relationship a Boost!

A monthly relationship check-in that promotes gratitude, emotional sharing, goal-setting, conflict resolution, and open communication, enhancing the strength and closeness of your partnership.

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Wandering Thoughts During Sexy Time?

Are you having trouble staying in the moment during masturbation or sex? Are you thinking about the laundry, the list of to-do's or what about traumatic memories or overwhelming fantasies?

You can literally train your brain out of this with my FREE
'Intrusive Thought Repellent' technique!

The Breakup Guide

A workbook designed to help you manage your wellness and mental health during and after your breakup.

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