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The Cycle Survival Guide

Unlock the ancient secret of the Infradian Rhythm: women's innate power overlooked for centuries. Delve into a 51-page guide packed with researched insights, cheat sheets, humorous memes, and practical tools, revealing how harnessing your body's natural cycles can revolutionize every aspect of your life. Say goodbye to societal norms and embrace your true potential with the Infradian Rhythm guide – it's time to woman up and thrive.

Quick Tips to Her
Body & Pleasure

Something I hear a lot is how it would be helpful to have all the juicy information about women's pleasure I share on my accounts in a guide so you can quickly find the information you remember seeing when you were scrolling my page but can't seem to find AND to send it to your partners so they're also on board. The booklet is filled with designs and bite-sized pieces that make it fun to interact with. Whether you're sending this to your partner because you need them to level up their skills or education or you want to have the info ready at your fingertips, you can't lose with the Quick Tips to Her Body & Pleasure. 

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The FAM Guide: Avoid Pregnancy without Hormonal Birth Control, Using the Patterns of Your Body

The biggest myth the pharmaceutical industry has led you to believe is that without their products it's really risky to be having sex without a condom because the likelihood of pregnancy is super high. This isn't the case, and when you put a little bit of effort into your fertility awareness, you'll realize just how possible it is to have unprotected sex without getting pregnant.

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