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It's time for some 1:1 Coaching babe

Oh my gosh, I totally get why you're on the fence about coaching. You're probably really feeling like it's time to work on things, but there are all these unknowns, and you're nervous to tell a stranger about your private matters. The thinking about it stage is always the hardest - do you make the leap of faith or remain exactly where you are now? I've been there many times; it's a human thing to work through.  

 We're just talking, sharing stories and working through your experiences. I'm on YOUR side, I want you to reach your goals, and I want you to feel better about your pleasure and better about your confidence. I want you to be able to understand the situations that have caused you to feel the way you're feeling, but most of all, I want you to have someone who is genuinely routing for you; you deserve that... you deserve to have some support in this.

The Full Story

Jess. T

Nell helped me during a new diagnosis of an STI. I was feeling alone and shameful about my body and what this would mean for my future sex life. I thought that Nell would be good to turn to even though I know she teaches more about pleasure, I figured that this diagnosis could affect my ability to feel like I deserve pleasure, and I definitely made the RIGHT choice! Nell creates such a shame-free environment, and we touched on aspects of my childhood and how I carry shame. I went in for one thing and left with way more clarity on a bunch of things in my life!

Meg. O

In the supportive, nurturing(and sometimes silly!) environment that she creates, Nell helped me unpack hang-ups I had about my body and create a curated plan with suggestions for positions, methods, and toys. I am pleased to say that after just two sessions with her, I had my first orgasm and have had many more since!

Morgan. J

We see Nell every four weeks to facilitate tough topics. My husband was concerned that she would lean more to my side just because she teaches about female pleasure, but he was happily wrong. Nell has such a good balance of being nurturing and caring, all while holding us accountable and will challenge us when appropriate. She's been able to give voice to each of us in areas that we had never felt able to share with one another, and each time we have a session, I leave the call feeling more connected to my marriage and husband.

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