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Step into a transformative journey alongside Nell, your dedicated Pleasure Coach. Nell's mission is simple: she's here to shine a light on women's natural biological functions, helping them harness these innate strengths as superpowers for navigating life with ease.


In a world dominated by masculine norms, Nell champions a personalized approach to women's health and well-being, recognizing and celebrating the unique needs and capabilities of women's bodies.

With a passion for reshaping the conversation around women's health and sexuality, Nell emphasizes the importance of understanding and embracing our natural biology. She advocates for a holistic healthcare approach that genuinely considers what women need, steering away from the restrictive masculine guidelines that often lead to health issues.

Nell's journey into coaching was sparked by a life-changing trip to her home country of Zambia. There, she engaged in heartfelt conversations with rural Zambian women about their sexual pleasure. What she discovered was eye-opening: women everywhere face similar challenges in their sex lives, regardless of background or culture.


This realization ignited a fire within Nell to empower women to reclaim their pleasure and lead more fulfilling lives.

Recognized for her expertise and commitment, Nell has been featured in popular media outlets like BuzzFeed and various podcasts, discussing topics ranging from orgasm to bedroom confidence.


She also hosts her own podcast, Hard Girl, Soft Life, where she shares insights and inspiration with her online community.

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It's time for some 1:1 Coaching babe

Oh my gosh, I totally get why you're on the fence about coaching. You're probably really feeling like it's time to work on things, but there are all these unknowns, and you're nervous to tell a stranger about your private matters. The thinking about it stage is always the hardest - do you make the leap of faith or remain exactly where you are now? I've been there many times; it's a human thing to work through.  

 We're just talking, sharing stories and working through your experiences. I'm on YOUR side, I want you to reach your goals, and I want you to feel better about your pleasure and better about your confidence. I want you to be able to understand the situations that have caused you to feel the way you're feeling, but most of all, I want you to have someone who is genuinely routing for you; you deserve that... you deserve to have some support in this.


We also asked Nell if there was a "best" position to orgasm in. Her answer? Not at all. "Anyone who claims that they know the best position is denying the fact that peoples' vulvas, vaginas, and clitorises are all different and therefore need different things."


Podcasts I've Been On 

Podcasts I've Been On 

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