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Syntribation Station
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The Most Practiced Yet Least Known Position

Thousands of women only experience orgasm in a specific position that involves squeezing of  their legs super tight or a variation of intense squeezing of their lower body. It affects relationships, confidence and self-worth for those wanting to change their pleasure position but haven't been able to find a way out. That's why I've created the very first ever online course that takes my 1:1 coaching sessions and brings it straight to you in this mini syntribation station course. 

This cool way to pleasure yourself usually derived from growing up in a household that was really negative about touching yourself/ feeling pleasure but also apears in women who grew up in just a silent environment around sex in the house

Many people want to change this because it can be beyond challenging to climax during sex with a partner so I've created an online, self paced course to learn how to shift out of this and learn to climax with a partner. 

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What to Expect

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