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1:1 coaching can be expensive and sometimes we aren't ready to bare our life to a coach just yet. That's why online courses work so well! Self paced, private and jam packed with information that would take months to access in a 1:1 setting, my pleasure programs might be the right option for you!

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You won't have trouble in the bedroom ever again!

Are you unsatisfied with your orgasms or maybe haven’t yet experienced one? Do you feel lost in bed? Do you lose your voice during sex and just can’t seem to say what it is you need? Are you dealing with trauma and memories that create anxiety and fear around enjoying your pleasure? Are you and your partner on a totally different page and need help understanding each other's needs? Or are you feeling overwhelmed with where exactly it is that you need to start in order to get the pleasure you want?

Leg Squeezing S#x/M@sturbation

Thousands of women only experience orgasms in a specific position that involves squeezing their legs super tight or a variation of intense squeezing of their lower body. It affects relationships, confidence and self-worth for those wanting to change their pleasure position but hasn't been able to find a way out. That's why I've created the very first ever online course that takes my 1:1 coaching sessions and brings it straight to you in this mini syntribation station course. 

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Cycle Syncing Your Life & Understanding the Dangers of Hormonal Birth Control

📜The Infradian Rhythm - Women's Ancient Power:

  • What it is

  • Why it's been hidden from you

  • How society has forced you to live according to male hormone cycles and why this is having a detrimental impact to women all across the globe

  • How to use it to your benefit and get ahead in life; while making relationships, career and body a more positive and aligned experience for you

  • Healing PCOS, Endometriosis, Painful Cramps and PMS naturally

❤️‍🩹Reclaiming Your Freedom from Hormonal Birth Control (HBC): 

  • How it impacts your body, mind and relationships

  • Coming off it and the spiral that may come afterwards

  • Living life and making love without it

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