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The Cycle Survival Guide

The Cycle Survival Guide


The Infradian Rhythm: Women's Long Lost Ancient Secret.

All humans have a 24-hour internal biological clock that regulates the sleep/wake cycle called the circadian rhythm. When a girl gets her first period, a secondary internal biological clock is activated, known as the infradian rhythm. Which works within a 28-day (ish) cycle, and this amazing rhythm regulates your menstrual cycle.

Because we are under-studied, it's been assumed that the only thing differentiating us in how we can be productive is our periods... but that's far from it. 

Our lives need to be approached and structured differently than men's if we want to utilize the superpowers we have with a secondary internal clock that we have. But by squeezing us into how men work best, how men get fit, how men lose weight, how men gain muscle, how men get healthier, we end up really hurting our health. 

Trying to be a man is a waste of a woman, which is why you need the Infradian Rhythm guide! Knowing how your body is ACTUALLY supposed to be treated during each phase will quite literally change your entire life in the best ways possible. Your relationships, career, family, health, fitness, emotions, mental health and overall well-being will transform. 

Nope, this isn't some bogus sell attempt. It's all heavily researched and proven. It's time to woman up and lean into the powers our society has been trying to hide from you.

What you'll get:

  • 51 pages of packed info plus:

  • Cheat Shees for you and your partner to incorporate

  • Funny memes to describe each phase

  • Foods to fuel each phase

  • Print Cut Outs to stick to your wall 

  •  Access to the 'Miss. Informed Master Class' to deepen the information around the Infradian Rythm and Hormonal Birth Control]

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