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This is What an Orgasm Feels Like

Updated: May 11, 2023

Hearing the response, "You'll just know," when you've asked what an orgasm feels like isn't helpful. So, I'm going to do my best to describe it. (This post will only focus on clitoral orgasms).

First, you need to know that an orgasm, physically, is anywhere between 4 to 43(ish) pulsations. 43(ish) looks like the overly done "fireworks" in the media, and 4 is a super tiny one that feels like small tingles in your clitoris. So, let's take that bag of expectations off of your shoulders. An orgasm comes in different lengths, intensities and feelings. I personally classify them like:

  • That was a short, strong one.

  • That was a long but faint one

  • That was an itty bitty one

The best but unsexiest way to describe a clitoral orgasm is with a similar sensation...a sneeze. Everyone who's had a clitoral orgasm that I've shared this with agrees. Imagine you're about sneezing: First, you feel a build-up that's deep (in the nasal passages), kind of like your clitoral legs. It seems like the sensation pushes towards the nose with every "wave."

Each time the sensation moves towards the nose, you know that awesome feeling of a sneeze can easily be lost, so you kind of standstill and freeze time as you nurture it. As the sensation builds closer and narrows into your nose (similar to your clitoris), there's a release of energy which feels similar to popping open a soda can tab. After you've sneezed, there's a scattering of tingling energy across your nasal pathways and then a lovely feeling afterwards.

Some researchers say that sneezing is one-tenth of orgasm and erectile tissue is engaged during a sneeze - others dispute this. Regardless - the overall idea is what we use to pinpoint the build-up of an orgasm and then the release for those who are unsure. Now you have something tangible to work off of!

Want one on one sessions to learn how to have orgasms/learn to climax in other positions/with a partner, or build better orgasms? Reach out to me at

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