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Metamorphosis is for the woman who knows her life is in need of a significant change. She can feel that there is more to her, and she senses an expansive capability to go deep within herself and access the parts that have been lying dormant, waiting to bloom.


She senses a more powerful version of herself but feels overwhelmed and lost about what steps to take, where to begin, or who to turn to, and she has felt alone in her journey so far. She knows there are other like-minded women out there who are prepared to face the challenging lessons in life just like she is for the sake of levelling up, but she doesn’t know where to find them.


She's looking for guidance as she takes the steps toward unpacking who she is, and she would greatly benefit from the core teachings, coping methods, processes, and hands-on tools that are meant to act as pillars of support throughout her journey. 

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