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What Students Are Saying

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In fact, not only have I gotten myself out of my rut in the past, I’ve helped hundreds of women do the same as well…

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With the personalised blueprint provided in the I Love You But I Love Me More system, you’ll experience climaxes so high… so exhilarating… and potentially SO addictive… it’s almost like…


Ahem, no, I have not done crack before… just couldn’t compare it with anything

else ya know?


But… such climaxes seem so far-fetched, don’t they?


I know. I’ve been there before.

I used to only be able to climax in ONE position — on my front while rubbing my vulva on a pillow.


I was never able to repeat it consistently, and most of the time it was just really weak.


Until one time my partner just happened to be giving me oral in a special way while I was on my back and I just started going along with the flow… and that’s when I experienced a BIG orgasm on my back.


After I broke up with him, I just HAD to figure out how to replicate that orgasm on my own.


After years of experimenting, researching, and questioning hundreds of women I came across, I had a breakthrough.

Because I was following a narrative pushed by people who didn’t even understand how female pleasure works in the first place — men.


Nearly everything we watch and listen to, whether it be porn, magazines, and movies, have all been made to cater towards male pleasure which goes something like:


“Penetration is supposed to feel awesome for both of you and you both should be able to climax from just that!”


“Just laying still and letting the guy do all the work will make you finish!”


Or that “these positions you see being performed are great for female pleasure!”


When in reality… 

All these scenes and advice are just fundamentally and anatomically UNFIT for women’s pleasure.

Image by Becca Tapert

I realized that nearly everything I thought I knew about women’s pleasure was a complete LIE…

Because this is what is pleasurable to MEN.


Women’s pleasure is a totally different game.


Most women never break free from the male narrative and so they continue to experience little to no satisfaction in their sexual life.


They spend so much time masturbating but can never seem to make it to climax…


And even if they do, the release is so small it leaves you defeated and infuriated.


I totally feel you. And it’s not your fault, because NOBODY taught us the reality of female pleasure and how it works.


But once you understand the secrets of female pleasure in my personalized blueprint of the I Love You But I Love Me More system, you will see why it IS possible for you to experience mind-blowing orgasms on command.


So what exactly is the unspoken “female narrative” that makes orgasming a skill any woman can unlock with ease?


Firstly, understand that…

Image by Mae Mu

Unlike men who can go from getting turned on to finishing within 30 seconds flat… women are not like that.

There are 2 aspects you must meet when you reach peak climax.


The first is the physical aspect.


Anatomy is extremely important to understand why we feel a certain way when we touch ourselves. 


But wait…


Didn’t we already learn anatomy in sex education in scho—


Babe… why do you keep saying these things when I’m eating my morning toast?


… No, what we learned was for reproduction sake only.


We have a whole organ - the clitoris - that is designed SOLELY for pleasure… but school never taught us about that or how to use it huh?


Once you understand anatomy from a PLEASURE standpoint, your mind will be blown… I guarantee you. You’ll be wondering how you lived your whole life not knowing this information about your body.


From there I go into how to actually physically stimulate yourself.


That would include techniques, toys, body positions, all that fun stuff that has been shown (with slight variety) to work time and time again for all my students and myself…


That is the psychological aspect.


Tell me now — does this mean anything to you:


“You need to connect with your body”


“Feel the warm energy flowing into your clit”


“You need to be in the right head space to climax”


UGHHH… Fuck. Off.


That’s about as helpful as telling an infant “you need to have balance to walk properly”


Their advice is “No Shit Sherlock” at best… some just plain don’t make sense.


So how does “connecting to your vulva” and getting in the right head space work?


Well, here’s what I discovered.


This might seem obvious, but many women don’t even like to look at their own vulva, let alone explore what feels good to them.


No matter how big of an insecurity you might have, I’m going to help you turn it into a strength. It’s veeeery important for your self pleasure journey and also for your confidence in the bedroom.


After that we talk about what arousal is, and how to accelerate the build up of arousal so we can achieve the climax as fast as a woman possibly can.


It’s not as simple as telling you to just fantasize… no.

Like I said, orgasming is a skill…

Image by Chris Ainsworth

But the next aspect is even MORE important and even LESSER known than the physical aspect.

Image by Estúdio Bloom

To really connect with your vulva, you must learn to love how it looks and be comfortable exploring it. 

Image by Jessica Felicio

Which means you’re going to need to know how to actually CONTROL your arousal levels… and not let your own mind get in the way.

(This part is the part most women neglect entirely or don’t know how to do properly. I show you how to accelerate the build up process and make it almost impossible to be stopped)

This includes the EXPERTS.


I’m talking sex therapists, counsellors, self proclaimed sexperts…


I can’t even begin to tell you how many women and clients of mine have paid hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and been let down by these people.


All following an academic script written by men and research that excludes women from their studies.


I found out the hard way.


And you can easily digest everything I know which took me years to understand in one evening.


I’ve created my program this way so that you can take what I show you and apply it immediately. I HATE programs that have so much bloat in it, filled with unnecessary stories and ranting. 

Image by Nong V

You are not broken, you've just been told the wrong narrative your whole life...

The personalised blueprint you will find in my I Love You But I Love Me More system was intentionally designed for you to finish quickly (HAH, see what I did there?) and see results the same day.

BUT… there is one downside to my system.


Getting to the moon and stars ain’t cheap, sister.


Like I said, this is some of the most valuable insight I’ve attained on women’s pleasure, and without it, I would still be as lost as I was 10 years ago…


There are women who spend months paying thousands going for sex therapy sessions and coaching… and are STILL searching themselves. Since I want a life of breath-taking pleasure to be quickly accessible to you — and most importantly to NOT be financially out of reach for everyone — I’ve set the price to $450, and it’s not gonna change.


Remember that this is a skill you will have with you for life. If you tell your other sisters about your thrilling private escapades, they might not even believe you.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager or in your 50s. Doesn’t matter if you’ve never orgasmed before… 


Never rely on hope — to potentially get a weak orgasm at best — again. 


If you still don’t believe this is right for you, that’s fine. My message won’t

align with everyone.


But if it does…


And you’re serious about gaining access to your mountain of untapped pleasure, then my personalised blueprint in the I Love You But I Love Me More system so you can quickly discover how to tap into all the pleasure hidden within you.

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