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From Blow Up to Glow Up

Image by Leo Chane

It isn't realistic to navigate life on your own. As women, we're naturally geared towards connection and community, and the idea that you should be able to handle the rocky turbulence and sometimes atomic bombs of life on your own is a complete myth and a way to keep you isolated. Glow-up coaching with Nell is all about supporting you through everything life throws at you, like:

Navigating Relationships (romantic/family/friendship), Dating, Break Ups, Career Changes, Unpacking Trauma, Boundary Setting, Friendships, Loneliness,

Living life according to your infradian rhythm, Healing narcissistic wounds, Unpacking old narratives, celebrating wins, Helping you to achieve your goals and hitting milestones and SOOO MUCH MORE!

Whether you want to enroll in a package and have Nell by your side for a good chunk of time, or you want a quick 1-hour session to hit on as many aspects as possible, there's an option for you! Payment plans for packages are available; just e-mail:

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Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Glow Up Packages Coming Soon

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