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Mini Course

This isn't your stupid highschool gym sex ed - oh no.

Most of us have had to wander through our sex lives aimlessly just taking random guesses at things about our body. That darn patriarchal society has shoved the notion that we need to in turn shove smelly frangrances up our cooches so they smell good for the boys and have told us that our genitals need to look like neatly folded laundry and even compared our genitals to cold cut meat sandwhiches.


We've been taught to be disconnected from our bodies so it's easier for the world to keep us small. Why is keeping women small so important to the patriarchy you ask? Because we have a power inside of us that we're born with - I call it 'The Abstract Chaos' and it's something that men are afraid of if unleashed. So they've done their very best to ensure that you know little as possible about your body and your pleasure because the moment you become confident in your pleasure and in what you have, the world gets bigger for women and scarier for men. The first step to the Abstract Chaos is getting the basics of your body. 

In this mini course you will learn all about your anatomy but it's fun! I've put in a lot of work to make this engaging and fun to interact with. You'll then learn about hygein and all the lies you've been lead to beleive about women being "dirty", you'll then learn about gaining confidence in the vulva/vagina type you have and you'll have the opportunity to see just how different everyones vulvas are and then finally, you'll have a chance to work on buidling your own confidence with a printout and homework!

You'll also gain access to my provate membership forum where you can chat with other like minded women in a safe space!

$150 USD

12 Lessons

Syntribation Station

Here's a sneak peak of what it looks like!

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