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When you learn to take your needs/wants and effectively communicate them to your sexual partner... the game changes for the better.

This is the second part of the 'Finishing Touch Master Course' where the focus is on partners. If taking the full master course isn't aligned with your needs or you're particularly interested in a chunk of it and not the rest then this is option is perfect! In 'Bedroom Breakthroughs'

you'll learn 


We've been taught to be disconnected from our bodies so it's easier for the world to keep us small. Why is keeping women small so important to the patriarchy you ask? Because we have a power inside of us that we're born with - I call it 'The Abstract Chaos' and it's something that men are afraid of if unleashed. So they've done their very best to ensure that you know little as possible about your body and your pleasure because the moment you become confident in your pleasure and in what you have, the world gets bigger for women and scarier for men. A powerful step to the Abstract Chaos is accessing all the information that you should and need to know as a woman which is found in this course.

You'll also gain access to my private membership forum where you can chat with other like minded women in a safe space!

$150 USD

12 Lessons

Syntribation Station

Here's a sneak peak of what it looks like!

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