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What if you had all of the knowledge, tools, and strategies to transform your pleasure life?

And finally see massive shifts in your body, mindset and confidence in a matter of weeks👏🏽🥳

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with My Bedroom Boost Pleasure Program, you can!

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Unfortunately, that’s not your reality...yet.

Let me know if this sounds familiar…

  • You feel a build up of energy during sexy time and just when you think you're getting close ... POOF! The feeling disapears, along with your arousal.

  • You get this big build up and then you have this small release that feels good and gives you a sense of completion but you're left craving more

  • You find yourself constantly questioning whether it was actually an orgasm and just feel downright confused!

  • You find yourself getting aroused over things you feel shameful about

  • You have trouble focusing during sex/masturbation

  • Weird thoughts/memories keep you from relaxing and enjoying your pleasure time

  • You find yourself rushing through your pleasure time because other things are taking over your thoughts

  • You have a sense that something non consensual happened to you but don't have the memories to match

  • Your clit no longer feels as sensitive as it once did, now that you've been using a specific toy a lot

  • You're losing your ability to speak up during sex - scared to share what you want and how you need to be touched and just end up going along with everything your partner wants

  • You've tried to start conversations about sex in the past with your partner but it always ends up hurting them or they just pull away and shut down, leaving you where you started

  • You have no idea how to climax in other positions or don't know which toys will work

  • You can climax on your own but as soon as another human comes into the picture, you have no idea how to reach that orgasm with them

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Hey, I'm Nell Walker!

I'm a pleasure coach who helps women figure out what they want in bed, how to touch themselves, build deep orgasms, have hard convos with ease and access the woman who's been hiding deep within.

While others cheered “You're so lucky it comes naturally to you” I knew that 'natural born ability' had nothing to do with my access to pleasure.

I spent YEARS being unhappy and feeling trapped around my pleasure. I used to have so much anxiety at the idea of speaking up for my wants/needs in bed. I’d lose my voice, shrink inward and go along with whatever my then boyfriends wanted. I knew how to cum on my own (in one very specific and limiting position) but that was at my own pace and no pressure on me, so I'd fake it during sex. I started to resent my partners but that wasn't fair because it was my responsibility to say something if I wasn't happy or satisfied.

I set off to figure this whole mess out on my own. There was no way that I was going to continue my life any further like this. Sexual pleasure is a beautiful opportunity to connect with the truest, most powerful parts of yourself that know one else knows about and when you can feel comfortable and at ease with this side of you, the world truly does open up to you in ways you never imagined. I'm so excited and proud to say that I've transformed my pleasure life for the better - I don't even recognize who I used to be or the struggles I faced. 

I created The Bedroom Boost Pleasure Program for the woman who feels lost and has no idea how to access her full powers in the bedroom. You're not going to be turned into some lingerie- wearing vixen who can cum while wearing stilletos - no, by signing up for BB, you're going to meet who you REALLY are... that woman who's been hiding behind the self-sacrificing, the fear of speaking up, the guilt and shame that pops up just when you begin to let go, the vanishing or lack lustre orgasms and just so so much more but my fingers are cramping!


I made the Bedroom Boost for the OH SO MANY WOMEN who are just like me... who I used to be. 💕


As featured in...


For the woman who's on her quest to experience the full power of her sexual pleasure and ready to meet her true self in and out of the bedroom.


Bedroom Boost is a self-paced program that was designed to completely demystify female pleasure.

Everything you’ll need in order to transform your pleasure life - whether you’re single or with a partner, this is everything you as a sexual woman need to know. The Bedroom Boost Pleasure Program takes a fun and bubbly approach where you’ll be guided every step of the way by yours truly, (me!) who has gone through absolutely all of these. No stuffy educators who are just regurgitating textbooks and giving vague answers with no personal experience.

You'll start to see massive shifts in your body, mindset, confidence and sexual pleasure WITH The bedroom boost, EVEN If...

You've never ever experienced an orgasm before:
If you're on the journey to experiencing your first orgasm, you'll NEED to know all of this info to get you there. Trying different paths like kama sutra or sexilogical bodywork can help you reach orgasm BUT, you need to know this info first before anything else. I've had many clients who were about to hire someone to help them physically but decided to try coaching before and they learned to climax with all this info. These are the actual building blocks that are going to get you there.

You can orgasm no problem but aren't feeling the way you want to feel during sex:
Orgasm isn't the be all end all. You might have no issue with reaching a climax but do you feel like you're getting everything you want in bed? Do you feel compatible with your partner? Are you sacrificing your own wants and desires for the sake of peace? Are you wanting a type of freedom and lightness in your pleasure life without messy thoughts or shame/guilt bubbling up? The Bedroom Boost has been created to shape EVERY ASPECT of your sexual life.

The idea of pleasure is scary and makes you panic
Did you know that our brains can cause us to self sabotage our growth by keeping us in a holding pattern so they can keep us safe? When change occurs and we have to shift out of what we've been used to doing for so long, it actually works really hard to stop us from doing the things that are going to better us. Sex and finances are the top two most sought after topics yet are the top two subjects that induce anxiety and cause people to freeze. Ironically I'm in a line of work where people pay for sex info - double wammy!

You don't have a partner
In order to enjoy sex, you must enjoy yourself first. Just like how the rules on a plane are that you place the oxygen mask on yourself first; your sexual enjoyment has to come from you understanding and exploring your body first. This program was designed for BOTH single and coupled women. 

In other words, The Bedroom Boost will transform your life, in and out of the bedroom whether you've got a partner or are living the single life!

  • In fact, the only reasons The Bedroom Boost would NOT be for you is if:

  • You don’t want anything about your pleasure life to change

  • You’re not commited to implementing the changes required to make this transformation

...but let’s be honest. We both know you would love to be able to send celebratory texts/messages that look like this:

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IMG_0317 1.PNG
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Here’s what you’ll get as part of the program:

Access to my private member community page where you can chat with like-minded women who are also working through the course and share your personal stories  and experiences to help others. I'll be on there too!

26 HIGH LEVEL-MODULES + Q&As  ($5,300 value)



Plus these video/audio bonuses:

1.) How to prevent/deal with painful sex 

2.) Which positions are best for reaching that climax

3.) My own personal experience with body memories and dealing with shame

4.) Diving deeper into hacking hormones and staying sane while dating

5.) Pre-made mini audio clips you can send to your partner so they learn too! ($500)

Total VALUE: $6,100 USD but you only pay…👇🏻

-$75 bonus discount

Original Price: $996

-$75 bonus discount

Original Price: $996

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The course answered everything I've always wondered and should have known. Instead of me having to read a bunch of books, Nell has consolidated everything into this course and makes it feel like I'm learning from a best friend or an aunt. Definitely leaving fulfilled!

Why weren't we taught this in sex ed!? Everything I learned in Bedroom Boost made so much sense, yet I never actually thought about it. I always just blamed myself for being broken or having a dysfunction. Turns out, I'm NORMAL and just wasn't taught.

The worksheets that we were given changed the way I was thinking about my arousal. Now I understand what turns me on and how to tap into that. My husband's pretty excited too!

Communicating with my girlfriend about sex has always been overwhelming for me mainly because I didn't know how to phrase my needs. The worksheets on developing my signature share style has alleviated that fear for me. Brilliant!

I love how Nell actually shows the positions and ways to hold the toys. I always thought I was weird for using a dildo the way I do and it turns out, it's normal! 

I took the program with my girlfriend because it made it easier for us to start from the same place. We learned so much about arousal and how to work through her intrusive thoughts. Women aren't the only ones who will benefit from this course - I  for sure reccomend it to all.

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But there’s one last thing I want you to know:

There’s no prerequisite to having a successful pleasure life exactly where you are right now. Flipping the script and leaning in to your true sexual abilities isn’t just possible for the “super sensual.” YOU can gain every bit of knowledge, tools, and methods to start having the kind of sexual life you dream of right NOW, no matter what level you’re at. And The Bedroom Boost is your secret weapon.

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How long is The Bedroom Boost?
Bedroom Boost is completely self paced which means you have the control over the speed 🏃🏾‍♀️ of your learning and the course will officially begin on January 2nd, 2023 🎊so you're refreshed and ready to take this new year on! You have access for life.

How do I know it will work for me?
The strategies inside of The Bedroom Boost have not only been tested by Nell, she’s taught them to hundreds of clients along the way--many of them resulting in their first orgasm, repairing relationships, boosting confidence and amping up the enjoyment of sex and masturbation (and more). The awesome thing is, this program works for all kinds of women, meeting each ones personal needs.  So it doesn’t matter where you’re starting or how advanced you may be. 

What if I've never orgasmed, will I still benefit?
YES. If you're on the journey to experiencing your first orgasm, you'll NEED to know all of this info to get you there. Trying different paths like kama sutra or sexilogical bodywork can help you reach orgasm BUT, you need to know this info first before anything else. I've had many clients who were aboiut to hire someone to help them physically but decided to try coaching before and they learned to climax with all this info. You’ll get to keep all of the content and refer back to it for life.

How much access will I get to Nell?
Each module is taught by me!  At the end of the course you'll move on to having a 30 minutes 1:1 mini  coaching session with myself and I'll also be answering your burning questions throughout the entire process in the private membership forum.

What’s the investment for the program?
The actual value of The Bedroom Boost is over $6, 100 usd. But you can invest now for only $996 usd (payment plans available).

What’s your refund policy?
There are none. I’m here to help you stop with the self sabotaging and the putting your needs on the back burner to be overlooked. Our brains try their very best to keep us "safe" in a state of familiarity, even though that state isn't doing you any good. You're ready to shift out of this - no more excuses this time.

What if I have more questions?
You can reach out to Nell at






Please note that all payments are final and non-refundable and for clients choosing to pay on a payment plan, you are responsible for completing the terms of your payment plan even if you do not finish the program.

All rights reserved. All modules and information inside of the The Bedroom Boost Pleasure Program were strategically created and designed by Nell Walker. Anything copied or replicated for personal gain will be legally held responsible.

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